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SFI flywheel choice............

Finally blew up my stock clutch at the track last week. Must say, I sure got my money's worth. Over 200 launches at 6000 and 60' times as low as 1.49, but mostly 1.5xx. As it was starting to go I could watch the sixty slowly climb to high 1.5's. According to FRPP tech, the clutch on my Mach 1 crate...

For Sale TFS 170cc Heads, Systemax, F303 CAM

Trickflow Twisted Wedge 170cc heads, 2.02/1.60 valves, stud mount conversion $975 Ford SVO A351 1.6 Stud mount rocker arms $125 Trickflow Lifters - $50 Comp Cams Magnum pushrods, 6.3" - $50 Ford F303 Camshaft $125 entire valve train package for $1200 Holley Systemax intake. I've...

New Paint for MDmonster!

Image: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c244/racerxmd/NEW%20PAINT/unnamed%201.jpg (http://s28.photobucket.com/user/racerxmd/media/NEW%20PAINT/unnamed%201.jpg.html) Image: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c244/racerxmd/NEW%20PAINT/unnamed%202.jpg ...

For Sale EGR delete spacer-1/2"

used less than 200 miles, upgraded to a 70mm. This is a 1/2" thick 65mm EGR spacer. Excellent condition, great quality. 25.00 shipped

Hot Deal from aFe - $25 Instant Rebate!

Looking for the most affordable way to boost the power of your Mustang and improve the fuel efficiency? Take advantage of *aFe Promo* from CARiD and kill two birds with one stone! Get a $25 instant rebate when purchasing any aFe Power Intake System. Act before itÂ’s too late! This offer is valid...

For Sale 79-93 Mustang 16" Pony Wheels

79-93 Mustang 16" Pony Wheels, $200 Image: http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff503/Racsirx/Misc/34DF85BD-16C8-4C01-8139-60B5BD4E33C2.jpg (http://s1239.photobucket.com/user/Racsirx/media/Misc/34DF85BD-16C8-4C01-8139-60B5BD4E33C2.jpg.html)

For Sale Paxton FMU

Paxton FMU, $50 Image: http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff503/Racsirx/Misc/25A12293-DC16-4F0E-BBCA-9350A3FBB36B.jpg (http://s1239.photobucket.com/user/Racsirx/media/Misc/25A12293-DC16-4F0E-BBCA-9350A3FBB36B.jpg.html)

For Sale 79-04 Griggs Lower Rear Control Arms

79-04 Griggs Lower Rear Control Arms, $150 Image: http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff503/Racsirx/Misc/D2BCB1AC-4EFA-4772-AC07-EE9ACA69C5DB.jpg (http://s1239.photobucket.com/user/Racsirx/media/Misc/D2BCB1AC-4EFA-4772-AC07-EE9ACA69C5DB.jpg.html)

Wandering steering

Little problem that I'm trying to diagnose. I have a 79 Pace Car, that I've updated everything on. It now has a 2003 Cobra rack, the MM steering shaft, caster/camber plates, and 95 model spindles with Cobra brakes. The power steering pump, and lines, have also been replaced. All of the struts, ball...

For Sale Pro-m mass air

I have a 80mm pro-m mass air unit calibrated for 55 pound injectors has roughly 1200 miles on it. $175

Power steering cooler delete

Installed the intercooler on my 95 today. Is there any downfall to deleting the power steering cooler tubes that mount in front of the radiator? I can't imagine those two tubes really do a whole lot, and it'll save me a lot of hassle moving it and extending the hoses.

For Sale Pro-mass air unit

I have a 80mm pro-m mass air calibrated for 55 pound injectors has 1200 miles $175

For Sale 8-rib & 6-rib pulley

I have a 8-rib 3.33 pulley $60 & a 6-rib 2.87 $55

For Sale 55 injectors

Have for sale a set of 8 Siemens deka 55 pound fuel injectors with like 2000 miles on them. They are the ev1 short fat style.$225

For Sale SCT Mass Air

I have a SCT ba3000 $225 used for 1 summer may be 500 miles Also have a SCT ba2600 $200 has 1000-1500 miles on it. The 2600 was to small had to have the diablosport mafia on it cause it was pigging so I thought the ba 3000 would do it but won't need a slot style sect ba5000